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    This is a trade exhibition site of original rare Russian posters for sale from World War II and the Cold War periods, the socialist realism epoch. ΐ large private poster collection from the Soviet Union (USSR) contains posters on different subjects such as sports and rest, training and education, childhood and motherhood, war and peace, work and holidays, culture and science, industry and agriculture, space exploration, policy and law, political popaganda.
    Posters may be purchased either on an individual basis or on a negotiable group basis. It's possible to purchase whole collection (more than 2,000 genuine posters). You can order both originals, and individual hight-quality copies of the posters in the size up to full-scale or larger.
    Many such posters have been lost or destroyed during the last 100 years and they are becoming rarer and rarer. The opportunities to find these posters are becoming fewer and fewer. You could find many of the posters presented on this site in no museum in the world. This is an excellent chance to start or enhance your own collection.
    After you have clicked onto an individual poster, you will find the following information: control number, English translation, size, artist, year, publishers.
    On the site 3D-view of all the gallery and interactive slide show are realized.
    To purchase any of the following posters please click onto the "Request to purchase" under each poster.
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