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Vintage Original Russian Posters

      Welcome to the Soviet Posters Gallery, the exhibition of the Russian vintage propaganda posters made in the USSR! This is a trade exhibition site of original rare Russian posters for sale from World War II and the Cold War periods, the socialist realism epoch. А large private poster collection from the Soviet Union (USSR) contains more than 1,500 original posters on subject of tourism and rest, sports and a healthy way of life, childhood and motherhood, labour and economy, great constructions of communism, holidays and elections, war and Red army, the Soviet Aircraft and Navy fleet, the industry and agriculture, training and education, a science and culture, space exploration, a policy and law, agitation and popaganda, world peace, friendship of people, the political poster and a caricature. Historic figures (Lenin, Stalin, Voroshilov, Gagarin, etc.), becoming and development of Communist party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), Lenin Komsomol, the Pioneer organization, generalized characters of workers of Soviet city and village (kolkhoz), heroes of revolution, war and work, significant events of history Soviet Russia (RSFSR) and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) - the Great October socialist revolution, the Victory over the Great Patriotic war, the first flight of the person in space are reflected in the Soviet posters. The presented posters were created by the Soviet artists in 1917-1991 in the USSR. Among them famous poster artists V. Govorkov (1906-1974), V. Koretsky (1909-1998), A. Kokorekin (1906-1959), N.Vatolina (1915-2002), N.Denisov (1917-1982), V.Victorov (1909-1981), V.Ivanov (1909-1968), B.Berezovsky (1910-1977), G.Shubina (1902-1980), I.Toidze (1902-1985) and many others. The Russian posters of the Soviet epoch are not only original art works, original vintage gifts or interior design, but also real true historical documents. Welcome to the Soviet picture story!

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